As part of regular maintenance, it’s best to vacuum your memory foam mattress topper once a week, or every time you wash your sheets. You are absolutely right! The article link will be included in the email automatically. Core77 is supported by its audience. Using Foam To Make An Interchangeable Sofa. Here’s How You can Select the Right Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Your Bed. I highly recommend the Serene Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Topper but everyone has different sleep preferences so go take a look and find the one that is perfect for you. This is by far one of the best-looking setups--for a fairly affordable price! Frequent vacuuming prevents the accumulation of dust and debris. Your email address will not be published. Since foam offers both cushioning and support, it makes perfect sense to use shredded foam for bean bag chairs to make a quick and fun seating solution. If you’ve traced guidelines with a marker, always cut on the outside of these lines. I needed to make a cut in 3-part foam RV mattress that was 4.5″ thick, and I wanted to cut it at 2″ up from the bottom where the first layer was glued to the 2nd layer. Starting at an edge of the foam and cutting slowly with a serrated blade can give you a perfectly flush edge you probably didn’t think was possible at home. Having no money, I cut through five-inch-thick foam sections by making repeated swipes with a cheapie utility knife like the one above. One of the things I neglected to mention in my banquette-building post was how to cut the foam. Remove the pillowcase to save for another project. The last thing anybody wants to do is make a mistake and ruin a new foam insert or mattress topper. The double-sliding-blade design keeps the foam from sticking-snagging, and the device only costs $15-20. Just looked online and found handheld ones for 27 bucks... more 'industrial' models at 100...A staple of arch schools everywhere. It's the dumb way to cut foam. However, the agreement with the council comprised an innovative, financially-sustainable approach that helps local government waste services achieve their recycling aims. I should add that I use a hand-held bread knife, not electric. It was time-consuming, messy, far from accurate, and doing the curves was a real pain. How to Cut a Memory Foam or Tempurpedic Bed in Half - YouTube And mine came with a free serving fork -- match that, Professional Foam Saw! The router table is a brilliant, brilliant addition. So what is in a memory foam mattress? Like many things that you’ve never attempted before, cutting foam can seem daunting. If you don't have that kinda cash but have some building skills, check out this awesome DIY foam saw by YouTube user Designsbyg. Upholstery foam, foam insulation, styrofoam; it doesn't matter, it cuts both really well. Pocket sprung with foam mattresses. I have an old 3" memory foam full size mattress topper laying out in my garage. I've been using one freehand for years. My secret cheap method is a bread knife. Update: It's gonna be a no go. Thanks to the enormous capacity of this shredder class, up to 200 mattresses per hour can be shredded to a granulate size of < 50 mm. Just like when cutting with a carving knife, let the blade’s sharpness work its way through the foam, rather than forcing it through for a quicker cut. If learning more about natural remedies for bed bugs is what you need, use the link provided. Lots of idea's. Some people love it, while others hate it. It is uniformly soft and elastic. Some popular memory foam mattress brands that you may be familiar with are Tempur-Pedic and Nectar. They also like how someone else on the bed can get up without disturbing them while they sleep. There are only two types of knives that should be used to cut foam at home. New Shape for a Popular Material. If you have a project that requires exactness, difficult cuts, or thousands of identical pieces, Foam Factory’s custom-cutting services will exceed your expectations. Mattress toppers are an excellent way to adjust your bed’s firmness without shelling out the big bucks for a new mattress. Fortunately, cutting foam is the easiest thing since pre-sliced bread. Slices through all density of foam and foam rubber like butter. Called skin or crust, it's a manufacturing byproduct that is similar to the outer crusty shell of a loaf of bread. The other tip involves cutting around traced lines on the foam. It is also very commonly used as filling for bean bag chairs. Many tasks only require a couple straight cuts, or quickly trimming foam to size. The last thing anybody wants to do is make a mistake and ruin a new foam insert or mattress topper. I’m a lapsed industrial designer. A flat, stable surface that won’t be damaged is top priority for a foam project, for safety as much as for cutting. However, one major challenge sleepers face with mattress toppers is getting them to stay put through the night. About Memory Foam. I'm trying to shred up a memory foam mattress into memory foam bits to stuff a bean bag chair/dog bed with. It can have a wire straight out or better, the wire can be shaped into a larger loop with both ends coming out of the solder iron. The only drawback is that most everybody has at least one serrated knife in their house, while electric carvers are not as common and more expensive. I suppose I could take out the 4 tpi resaw blade and use a 12 tpi blade like the pros use, but frankly that doesn't seem to matter either. Latest updates on COVID-19 ... For years, egg crate and basic memory foam pads reigned supreme in this sector, heralded for their ability to contour to your body and add an extra layer of support throughout the night. Truth be told, memory foam does not have to … Shredded foam is made when larger foam sheets are put into a machine that rips them into smaller pieces. Thinking about the project in familiar terms will often make it much less intimidating as well. Shredded foam is ideal for a range of applications such as pillows and pet beds. Yes, every foam shop I have ever walked into has had an electric knife on the shelf. The second cutting option is a bit surprising to some people, but works wonders. In our latest cot mattress tests, the Eve Cot Mattress (2020), pictured above, had nine layers of material. in a circular saw. It does straight lines and curves with ease. The only idea I have so far is to chop it up and convert it into a pet bed. Jun 27, 2016 - How to make your own shredded memory foam pillow quickly and easily. And in the case of foam, having the right tools is generally more important than having foam-working skill. The foam is loaded onto semi-trucks and shipped to carpet manufacturers to be cleaned, processed and turned into carpet pad. Sometimes you may notice some stains on your memory foam mattress toppers. Brilliant! Start cutting it into smaller and smaller pieces. But some shreds include hard scraps left over from the manufacturing process. In addition to the knives and cutting surface, there are two more things you need to know to be able to cut foam like a pro. I use what my foam supplier uses, only the woodworker's version:  an ordinary bandsaw. Ha! I used twine to tension the saw blade. It was time-consuming, messy, far from accurate, and doing the curves was a real pain. Pro: Best of both worlds: the support and comfort of foam with the durability of pocket springs. Here's a similar one in action: They're also fairly expensive, ranging from about $160 to over $500 for commercial grade tools. Our website uses cookies to enhance the site operation and understand traffic and website performance. It's been a good run for these mattresses, but it's time to shred 'em! This is why memory foam mattresses are one the most popular brands. Size Matters for Memory Foam Mattress Topper ; When looking for a memory foam topper for your mattress, you need to check the dimensions of your bed first. Having no money, I cut through five-inch-thick foam sections by making repeated swipes with a cheapie utility knife like the one above. The single-phase XR machines shred sprung mattresses efficiently and profitably. Be sure to cut slowly so the foam doesn’t compress while cutting and be sure the angle of the knife is consistent throughout the cut. Remove the memory foam. Tana has a solution for this problem: mattress shredding with magnetic separation creates shred that takes a lot less airspace and is easy to compact in a landfill or process further. Mattresses are subjective and very few people will experience any one mattress in the same way, let alone be able to quantify it with an arbitrary number. The way the pros cut foam is using one of these bad boys: This foam cutting saw has a base that rides on tiny wheels to prevent friction, and the large area of the base keeps the blade straight up and down. Hot wire, anyone? Cut up an old foam mattress pad or an old couch cushion using scissors. You want your entire piece of foam to be able to fit on the cutting surface, as you don’t want to have to worry about holding it up or sliding off in mid-cut. Looking for some DIY projects or ideas as to what I can do with this foam, as opposed to tossing it out or trying to sell on craigslist. Fresh interviews weekly. As you can see, cutting foam is a lot easier than it may seem at first. Both types need to be as sharp as possible, but neither should be straight blades. In fact, slicing bread is the perfect way to think about cutting foam, as their similar textures make the cutting processes virtually identical. I was going to suggest the same thing if he had used something else. Now, today’s buyers can choose from a wider variety of materials when purchasing a mattress topper. Does anyone know where I could go to get this done? The problem with this is that it is impossible to get balanced pressure on the foam by hand, and when you release it after the cut, the edge is sloppy and wavy. COVID19 Status: Normal Processing Times, Curbside Pickup Available (, Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75 Within The Contiguous United States. Hercules makes a nice-looking one for about $389. Copyright © 2021 Foam Factory, Inc.. All rights reserved. You get a clean, straight cut every time. Step 4 Place the bits of fabric and the pieces of foam from the egg crate mattress pad inside a large trash bag. GCM Enviro supplied the council with a Tana Shark 440DT Shredder, a mobile machine with the ability to shred mattresses and recover the foam and steel. At the same time, if you use a memory foam pad with an innerspring mattress, this will result in more sinkage, which may or may not be convenient for you.” You’re a Hot Sleeper. Test it out; it only takes a single click to unsubscribe, By creating a Core77 account you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. I have used all ways--knife, hot wire, and electric carving knife. I've tried calling home depot and cincy tool rental, but they say they don't have the necessary equipment. Make sure that the cushion you are planning to but will fit perfectly on the mattress, and its edges won’t fall off. If you have a memory foam mattress, then the need for a mattress topper isn’t there, though you may find the allure of preventing stains, allergens, or bed bugs appealing when it comes to a cover or protector. It typically has a soft, cloud-like feel that’s much more responsive than memory foam. The cotton and foam are sold to companies that use the materials for insulation and carpet padding. Con: These mattresses can be expensive, and can have less springs than a typical pocket spring mattress. Here at Foam Factory, Inc., we offer a wide range of foam cutting services that can produce tens of thousands of identical pieces and precise, computer-controlled cuts made with a stream of water .005 inches in diameter. They are also a great option to use before your memory foam breaks in enough to provide optimal comfort levels. Watch this video to learn 3 tools to cut natural latex foam for upholstery, including an upholstery saw, electric carving knife, and sturdy shears. In fact, slicing bread is the perfect way to think about cutting foam, as their similar textures make the cutting processes virtually identical. As mentioned earlier, cutting foam is essentially the same as cutting bread, so it only makes sense that you would use the same type of knife as well. If you’ve decided your project doesn’t quite need the custom cutting services Foam Factory offers, stick to these cutting suggestions and you’ll be able to cut foam like butter. Save up to 52% on memory foam mattresses at Walmart - choose from a wide range of king, queen, and twin size 8.5", 10", 12" & 13.5" memory foam mattresses. Use an abrasive blade such as used to cut stone etc. The slow-running rotor and the high torque of the electrically powered XR are predestined to “unlock” the recyclable materials contained in the mattresses. Fortunately, cutting foam is the easiest thing since pre-sliced bread. For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, their recently launched lavender infused mattress topper would be an amazing choice! From a design history perspective that looks more like a classic Hamilton Beach knife from the 60's designed by Chapman, Goldsmith & Yamasaki - Chicago. This is how it looked after that point ( The easiest way to cut foam is using a hot wire and you can also make hand held ones, I think hot wire is better methods. Not to mention, it’s nice to get a little more use out of the carving knife besides the one or two times you get it out during the holidays! Types of Memory Foam. This is a great way to upcycle old memory foam and use it for a new pillow. The Soft Sleeper 5.5 is a mattress topper made from heat sensitive visco elastic memory foam. You'll kick yourself when you see, midway through the video, what he actually used for the cutting device. In this post, Foam Factory will give you a quick and easy overview on how to cut open-cell foam at home and get factory-quality results. These can be … This foam is also used as the lining for football helmets and in automotive seating, among other applications. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. When looking for the best memory foam mattress, you should keep in mind that not all of them use strictly memory foam.The types and layer combinations may vary, which results in different mattress properties.. Now, here are the most commonly used types of memory foam: Traditional.Made from petroleum-based materials, traditional memory foam hasn’t changed … Why is number 6 so popular because no one wants a puffy cloud or concrete floor, and 5 is not a decision-maker. Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular types of beds to sleep on. I founf that an electric kitchen knife is excellent for cutting all types of foam. Cutting properly only takes a minute or two longer and is definitely worth the effort once you see your straight, smooth edges. Memory foam is a type of polyurethane, a polymer of plastic also used to make products like hoses. Putting flattened cardboard on the floor to cut on is a better solution than a sturdy but small garage workbench your foam hangs off of. You can also build your own hot wire foam cutter pretty cheaply - instructions available on the internets. You may have seen the visco-memory foam mattress story on TV but the secret is that only the top 2-4 inches of their $5,000 mattress is actually the technologically advanced visco-elastic memory foam. Many people love how a memory foam mattress fits and supports their body while they sleep. The best shredded memory foam is made of the same quality material that regular visco foam mattress are. Memory foam was introduced to the bedding market in 1991.Known for its conformity and pressure relief, it is a popular mattress material, and is found in most popular mattresses, especially bed-in-a-box models.. Memory Foam in Pillows Even if it means you overshoot the exact measurements of what you’re making by a fraction of an inch, foam’s compression will let it easily squeeze into any cushion cover. Option one is a serrated carving knife or bread knife. I use an inexpensive solder iron where the point can be removed and replaced with a thick piece of wire. A New Core77 video podcast series. Being almost impossible to compact, they cost a lot to dump unless they are processed properly. A lot less mess than a regular saw blade and the edges are nice and sharp. The wood is typically sold to wood chippers and used as a fuel source. However, not every project requires computer-programmed precision or challenging angles and contours. So they shoot down the middle with a number that sounds good. Memory foam mattress toppers may be between 2 to 4 inches thick. It worked OK, but the saw created a lot of little foam “sawdust” that took a long time to vacuum up. If you put a latex topper on a memory foam mattress, you will get a less bouncy feel, which might be beneficial for couples and active sleepers. Polyurethane foam (poly foam) is the basic foam material used in a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses, like Casper or Tuft & Needle that have a neutral-foam feel. Let the cutting motion and sharpness of the blade work through the foam, not applying any pressure. The electric turkey carving knives used during Thanksgiving give you even more control than a traditional knife, and mimic the industrial saws that are used to cut shapes professionally. Cut open the seam of the fabric covering. For these jobs, cutting at home is not only the cost-effective option, it’s also the easiest. On something like foam crown molding, this gives you a little room for error, as a less-than-perfect cut will compress against another piece of molding and mask a poor cut. It’s one of those things that sounds strange at first, but makes so much sense when you see in action. Foam Factory Upholstery Supplies: Great for DIY or Small Businesses. Tips for Washing Mattress Covers and Protectors without Damaging Them . The lavender helps promote a calming sleep environment. Here's how to get the most out of your mattress topper. One of the things I neglected to mention in my banquette-building post was how to cut the foam. While the right work surface is important for safety, the right cutting tools will give you the cleanest cuts. The first is that you should never compress foam when cutting. Foam By Mail’s 100th Blog Post (A Compilation)! It's the dumb way to cut foam. I was born in NYC and figured I’d die there, but a few years ago I abandoned New York to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. The foam is baled and ready to become commercial carpet padding. Check online. Memory foam mattress. We have six dogs. Cut it into small chunks, no larger than 1/2-inch in diameter. For those who don't want to sit through the video, he's using a Phillips electric knife mounted in a small router table. The wood, metal springs and cotton are removed from the mattress. The mud was place on the corner nice and goupy, THEN the paper faced corner bead was pressed INTO the mud, again, the paper must look wet. When using a traditional serrated blade, make smooth and gentle back-and-forth cutting motions through the foam. The American Chemistry Council estimates that the U.S. produces 300 million pounds of polyurethane foam per year for mattresses alone. Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. Required fields are marked *. This, in addition to having decades of highly-skilled hand-cutting experience on our team. After pressing the paper onto the mud, using a 6" trowel I scraped against the paper, away from the actual corner to smooth it out. Thanks for posting! The remaining foam is usually torn up, although some recycling facilities are more sophisticated and utilize shredding machines to shred the foam. Your email address will not be published. Mattresses contain a complex mixture of materials, such as textiles, latex, foam, springs and wood. Even angle cuts are easy to do. Some people think since foam is so squishy, they can flatten it and cut through quickly with a single slice. Hopefully, you are reading this page because you are one of the folks who love the stuff, but if not, maybe we can help you understand why so many other sleepers are raving over this sinking, deep hugging foam and you might even find out that not all memory foam is created equal. Spot Clean Stains .